Here to do your dirty work.

    JunkLogistics is a valet waste removal company based in Atlanta. We offer the lowest cost valet waste service on the market along with the highest quality service.

    We work directly with you, the property manager, to provide timely and hassle-free waste removal for your tenants. With door-to-door valet trash and recycling we provide efficient, convenient waste removal for your entire community.
   Clean hallways, tidy waste disposal areas, and happy customers - all at no cost to you! As the property manager, you will elect a monthly fee to charge your residents and a portion of this fee goes to JunkLogistics to provide the service.

The Benefits
  • Added convenience for your tenants leads to improved resident retention rates
  • Property management gains an additional income stream
  • You are able to advertise a unique amenity offering
  • We maintain clean breezeways and compactor areas
  • We also offer an innovative Recycling Program
Valet waste is the #1 valued amenity by apartment hunters today! In a competitive market it pays to set yourself apart.

Recycling programs are available with weekly pickups!